Vehicle Storage & Parking in Supulpa, OK

Need a place to store your vehicle?

Here at Near Me Storage OK, we have clean, secure, and affordable storage units for you and all your self-storage needs! We have 3 sizes of enclosed units. If you are looking for vehicle parking storage as well, we have got you covered. 

We have vehicle and boat parking as well for your large storage needs. So, go ahead and get that unused car or truck out of the way that is just obnoxious. And if you would like to get it out of your sight, come on over to near me storage and get it in a safe and secure spot here! 

We have 10 x 12 parking, and as far as our boat parking, can find out more about that here! What are boat parking is best for our 10 x 20 storage units. This is our largest size of storage units, and they run for 95 a month.

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New Customer Discount

Please note our special deals that run year-round, no matter what time of the day or what time or season or day you sign up! And that is where you will pay $1 for the First full month. 

That is $1 for the First full month, so that if you sign up toward the end of the month, instead of paying a dollar and only getting a week of that deal, instead you will pay a prorated portion for the remainder of that month based off of the flat-rate specific to your unit size. Then, on the first of the next month you will be charged a dollar. And then you will not be charged the regular flat rate until the following month. 

This is a great deal with export promotion, so please consider taking advantage of it for your vehicle parking storage needs! We have plenty of vehicle parking storage still to this day, and we would love if you would consider us and look on our website for more details and information. 

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Rent and Move In Today!

You can find us online at from there, you will easily be able to sign up for our contact free rentals! We do have the phone number and email address listed on the website if you have any issues or questions upon signing up for your vehicle parking storage. 

Our number is 918-500-1399. But from here, it is absolutely user-friendly, and majority of our new tenants have signed up through their phone. If you have trouble with any of these issues and you have questions that are hesitant to sign up, just give us a call and we will take care of you immediately. We have owners and a manager that is heavily invested in the storage facility and they do not neglect it like you might find those other storage businesses. 

They are both very involved. We work directly with our property manager consistently, and they give us updates and we have inquiries all the time. We Monitor and we have 24-hour video surveillance so that your items are safe and secure. We have video surveillance surrounding the entire facility so you can make sure that your vehicle is in a safe spot and that your vehicle parking storage is taken care of professionally.

Locally Owned & Safe Location

We are a small and locally owned family business and we would truly love to have the opportunity to serve you as a member and a tenant at our facility! We are happy to serve be Sapulpa, west Tulsa and Glenpool area. We are located close to life gate Freedom Ranch and the Sacred Herb, as well as Branscum Animal Clinic. 

It's an easy drive to get to us. If you drive and then take the Kellyville exit from Creek Turnpike, you will find us! We hope you will give us a chance. If you have any questions, please call us at 918-500-1399. We also offer roll-up doors. You will find the graveled area is clear and free of debris and weeds! We feel very strongly about this, and have invested a lot to ensure the weeds are killed and the area is clean. 

This is to ensure that you have no issue bringing your vehicle, whether it be car or truck, up to your parking space or unit. This is easy contact free sign up. Soon as you sign up online, you have immediate access to your unit. We have several tenants that use the 10 x 20 units, to store their extra Vehicles! 

Please be assured that your vehicle will be safe and secure in our storage facility. We have heavy video surveillance at all times, and the facility is well lit at night. So, you can be rest assured that even if you visit the facility at night, you are under great lighting! You can feel secure to grab or put away your items. You can go to bed resting easy that your vehicle is stored in good hands! 

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Rent, Pay, Sign, & Access Today!

Whenever you sign up after you are able to access the facility, you will be given a brief call just to cover some of the lease terms, and our tenants really appreciate this! It is very brief, and it ensures that you miss nothing on the lease. 

We know that those leases can get so annoying to read as they drag on and on, and people are always concerned about missing fine print! This is why we also outline on a one-page lease summary, the main items you need to know for your rental. 

These outline terms, such as whether you will receive an invoice via email or not, what types of payments are allowed, what your effective rate is and when it will be charged if you are set to auto-pay, what your pay rate is, and the penalties after it is considered late, what we require after you move out of your unit, gate access hours (which is 24-7), what to do if for some reason you cannot enter the facility with your gate code, etc. 

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Here For You!

These are all things people need to know, and might have questions about later on, but it just takes too long to try to find them specifically in the lease! So, we will keep the call brief, introduce ourselves, and make sure that you are in good hands! 

We want you to feel confident to enter the facility from this point forward. Please know we are here to help and we are happy to answer any questions. Again, if you have issues, please call us at 918-500-1399, and we will take care of you immediately. 

The owners are very invested in their storage facility and want to make sure their tenants know who they are, know who to reach, and know that they can trust this business!

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