Self Service Storage

We know that most people absolutely dread thinking of storage. It is not a fun job, but it is necessary. Things accumulate, and if you’re part of a big or growing family, you know how quickly your storage can grow! Many people find themselves having way more things than they need or know what to do with. If you still have several items but just cannot store them in the house, this is where we come in! We will help you with all your self-service storage needs. The best part is that our services are completely contactless, meaning you can go at your own pace, and at your own convenience! The easy rental process is done completely online. 

There, you will select your unit, create your gate code (this lets you in the facility), and select whether or not you would like to do auto-pay. You will put complete your electronic signature on our simple month-to-month lease, and pay a one-time $10 administrative fee. It’s that simple. Once your rental process is complete, you will then receive a brief phone call from the manager to cover some lease summary terms. However, since we do state we are contactless, you may very well ignore the phone call, in which case, you will just be texted or emailed a reminder to read over our one-page lease summary terms, to answer any questions you may have for our payment and monthly rental process. Remember, we only have this phone call from the manager in place because most people do have a few questions they’d like to discuss with a real person. We also have gotten phone calls immediately from the tenant upon sign-up, as they are eager to speak with someone.

For this reason, the manager is available Monday through Friday 8 am – 6 pm. She is also available during the weekends if you have any issues entering the facility with your gate code! The manager is able to access the gate from the business phone. But if you believe you are fully self-sufficient and don’t want to deal with any people at the time of rental, we give you that convenient option! As soon as the online self-service storage sign-up process is complete, you have immediate access to your storage unit. You will also be texted and emailed the 4-digit code to the disc lock on your unit. Do not get this confused with your 4-digit gate access code! The units come with coded disc locks, and we ask that you use this lock while renting, and please leave it there when you decide to move out. The other great feature our facility offers is 24/7 access. This all part of the convenient contactless rental we promote. People need convenience, timeliness, and flexibility with their self-service storage rental, and that is exactly what our 24/7 hours offer you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the phone number if you need assistance with anything. We are here for you! 

So, whether it is just a tiny bit of extra space or a large amount of room such as an entire 1-car garage, we have you covered. We provide 3 sizes of units: 5x10, 10x10, and 10x20. The 5x10 units are about the size of a walk-in closet, the 10x10 are the size of a half-car garage. The 10x20 sizes are the size of a one-car garage. Let us know how we can help you! Near Me, Storage OK is a self-service storage facility located in Sapulpa, OK on the old Highway 66, on the north side. You will see our gigantic sign out front, right next to a white apartment 6-plex. It is by a few houses, and it is before you reach Branscum Animal Clinic and Walmart. 

When you pull in, you will see a keypad.  The gate code you’ve created will give you gate access into the facility. Remember that we offer month-to-month renting, however, if you’d like to be eligible for $1.00 first full month promotion, you must give a verbal agreement to rent at least 3 months with Near Me Storage. If so, you will be charged only $1.00 for the first full month. Note that our self-service storage units are not climate-controlled, but they are all enclosed with water-proof units (we just recently re-did the roofs, so you can rest assured water leaks will not be a part of your storage rental experience!).

In the past couple of years under our ownership, we have upgraded our security equipment. We have also performed maintenance in the area, involving heavy landscaping! We’ve removed all the trees surrounding the perimeter, to severely lessen the risk of potential storm damage. We review our security cameras regularly, and we also do regular owner/manager site visits so that we stay up-to-date on any issues. We take updated photos of our site to post publicly, to ensure prospective viewers know they are looking at the current state, and are not surprised or disappointed upon their first visit! We strive to be honest and communicate with integrity. You can check out some of our Google reviews online to see what our current and past renters have to say. 

At the time, we do not offer boxes or U-Haul services, but we do also have parking spaces available! Our parking rents for $45 / month, and is also month-to-month. If you have friends and family nearby that are willing to help you move and store, take advantage of those helpful hands! We know that you are in excellent hands when you choose our self-service storage rental at Near Me Storage OK. Check out our other locations soon to come, in both Broken Arrow and midtown Tulsa. You will soon also find these locations on our website at, so be on the lookout if you are searching in those areas! 

Our goal is to serve you with the utmost excellence, efficiency, and respect. Know that when you store your items with Near Me Storage OK, you are in great hands! Please call our off-site manager at 918-500-1399 to rent a unit, or go online to Thank you for inquiring about our business; we know you will not be disappointed!