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When it comes to searching for simple and straightforward storage, we know that the best and most convenient option for many people is operating with a monthly lease. We know that for many people, storage needs to be short-term. 

Although we do have many tenants that have been with us for a very long time, all of them including the long-standing and grandfathered-in tenants are still on a month to month storage lease. This seems to be the best and most convenient option. We know that sometimes, people are just renting a unit just for a short time. Whether they are searching for home, or are in the process of moving things into their home and don't need it for very long, we absolutely honor and respect that. 

It is why we offer an easy and convenient month-to-month storage lease for you. We make it even simpler for you by making the sign-up process completely online. Management is off-site, and you can rent a unit with the month to month storage lease being the very last step. 

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Simple, Easy Storage

We do have one request as a facility and business. We offer a special right now! Our special is offering $1 for the first full month that you rent with us. We do ask that you honor this by committing to at least more than one month. 

Most tenants are great with that, and if so, we can move forward. With the sign-up process, we would have you sign an electronic lease. The owner will then sign it, and email back to you with a one-page lease summary, and that is just for you to keep for your records. This electronic lease defaults to a month-to-month lease. 

Please briefly look over the lease summary as well! However, when you sign up for your unit, we will send you a welcome email with all details regarding the unit you selected, and soon after, you should receive a brief phone call to go over the lease summary terms. This is to ensure that you are all taken care of and fully understand our simple renting process.  

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Any other questions can be covered during the phone call or via email, and we will provide all contact details to you upon sign-up! Please know that this is meant to be a contact-free rental, and that is what is simplest for people looking for immediate storage units. 

But feel free to call us! In regard to giving new sign-ups an initial brief welcome call, so that they are completely in the clear, and feel better and more secure about the renting process, it has seemed to work very well with our tenants. 

Know that if you have any issues with your gate code (which you also create upon the online sign up), you can call the business phone number immediately, and we will give you access into the storage facility. This is included in the lease summary page. 

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5 Star Service, Every Time

As a small family business, Near Me Storage OK also very much thrives off of Google reviews! That seems to help our business the most during this crazy time, so we really appreciate when our new tenants will leave a short Google review for us! 

It means the world to us! With your permission, upon sign-up, we will ask you for a short review by texting a link to your phone, and please know that it is completely optional. We will not push it more than once! If you are looking for easy month to month storage, please visit our website at! Remember that the gate is 24/7 access, with your gate code. 

Month to month storage is for those who are looking for straightforward process, a smooth rental experience, and no hassle! This is a hassle-free and worry-free sign-up process! You can call us at 918-500-1399 or visit us online at We want our tenants and prospective interests to know that signing up for storage should be free of complications. This should be a very straightforward rental. 

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Month To Month Leases

We understand that people simply do not want to think about storage. We also understand that many people don't need the long-term storage rental, although we value our longstanding tenants who pretty much need a permanent place for rental. Even with those tenants, we have them on a month to month storage lease. 

And we can provide that for you as well! Please call us if you have any further questions, and know that we are always available for you. You can give us a call or shoot us an email at  Another thing that we hope you consider, when you do decide to leave us, is that we value what your exit surveys provide to us as a local business! 

Whenever you leave the facility, please consider filling out a short 30-second exit survey that will be sent directly to us. We use it for great feedback and constructive criticism, as we are always looking to improve our services to our tenants in the Sapulpa, Glenpool, and west Tulsa area. Easy, hassle-free, month to month storage is what we are all about! If you are looking for secure and affordable storage units, you have come to the right place. 

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We make signing up for our storage units as easy as much as possible for our busy tenants! We know this is the last thing you want to worry about, so we have created a concise and short process that should take no more than a few minutes. Please know that you can feel secure and confident about the location and the security of our business. 

We've invested money into upgrading security equipment as well as the facility's surroundings, to make it as safe as possible for our tenants. From 5x10 units, 10x10 units, and 10x20 units, as well as 12x20 parking, go online to select whatever you need. If you sign up in the middle of the month, you will pay a pro-rated amount online based off the unit size typical rate. 

As long as you commit to renting for more than one month, you will get the $1 month special to kick in for the next full month! So, that 3rd month will be the first time you pay the full flat rental rate for that size. Please consider Near Me Storage OK for your storage needs today!

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