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Drive Up Convenience, Avoid The Stairs

What is keeping you from finding a reliable storage rental facility today? Is it cost? Time? Is it inconvenient access? Let us explain what we mean. Many people looking for storage are hoping for drive up storage units. This is not something a large indoor storage facility can offer you, although they do promote themselves by offering high security, no access to outsiders. 

The added feature of being indoors really markets this for them. However, what if you are a prospective person that needs to be able to drive a big van or truck right up to the unit, so that you can uneasily unload a hefty quantity of items? What if you and your family just moved from out of state, and have plenty more things than you can count? 

Do you really want to unload all those items little by little, walking a longer distance to get from your vehicle, through some doors, and walk down a hall to your unit? This is exacerbated by storage units that are on second or third or even fourth floors! 

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Features That Make Storage Better

Certainly, these lovely facilities provide you with dollies and elevators, but for those people that want a quick unload, they are looking for drive up storage units. This is exactly what we provide here at Near Me Storage OK. 

Near Me Storage OK is a small family-owned business, located at 15351 W Hwy 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We have a quaint and secure set of 76 storage units, immediately north of a 6-plex of apartments (that are conveniently under the same ownership). You will notice that we are a small outdoor facility, surrounded by a secure gate and heavy security. 

You will notice that keypad located right in front of the gate, and this is the only way that you were able to get into this secure facility. All of these are easy access drive up storage units, that you can access the same day that you sign up online to rent a unit! You'll notice all the units are featured in an L-shape layout, and it will be very simple for you to take your truck or other type of car through this route and pull up right to the unit. 

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Move-In and Access Your Unit 24/7

For extra security however, we do have a small Alcove in the back Northeast most corner, and that contains 3 units within the Alcove. For one of these units, you will need an additional door code for the Alcove that we will provide to you if you happen to read that unit. Please note that all of our drive up storage units are 24/7 access, through that gate. 

The sign-up process is very simple and is done completely online, and will be completed by the last step of signing an electronic month-to-month lease! We will provide all your information and a debit or credit card as we only accept online payments. We have no office on site, and everything is done online! With the sign-up process, be rest assured that you are in very good hands. Our owners are very invested in the facility and our tenants, and we do maintain as little or as often and frequent contact as you prefer. 

This will start with a welcome email and brief phone call upon sign-up! This is simply to go over the short and concise terms of the lease, so that you are clear on our process and have no further questions. All of these terms are covered in the one-page lease summary that you also sign during the setup process, so if you don't want to hear from us, just let it ring to voicemail. That is for your records as well and it will be emailed to you after the owner signs it. 

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Simple, Easy Pricing

When you are looking for drive up storage units, look no further than near me storage OK if you are in the Sapulpa, west Tulsa, or Glenpool area! We proudly serve these areas and we are so invested in all of our tenants, knowing each one of them by name. However, one of the ways we promote ourselves is that our process is contact-free. Therefore, we will be as frequent or infrequent in contact with you as you prefer! 

Please know we are always available to you, and will provide you our phone number and email address upon sign up. What are you waiting for? If you live in the Sapulpa, west Tulsa, or Glenpool area, please consider renting with Near Me Storage OK today! We proudly offer drive up storage units in the following sizes at varying monthly rates: 5x10, 10x10, and 10x20. We also offer 12’x20’ parking spots as well, at $45 / month. Many of our tenants signed up in the middle of the month online. 

As long as our tenants commit to printing at least more than one month, we offer them a $1 special for the First full month! So, if a tenant signs up in the middle of the month, they would pay a prorated amount based off of the typical rental rate for that size, and then the following month, they will only be charged $2. So that third month is the first time that you will pay the full rate for that size. Our 5x10 units rent for $50 / month, our 10x10 units rent for $75, and our 10x20 rent for $95 / month. Please visit us online for more information about our awesome and easy-access, secure and affordable storage units. 

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Rent Your Drive Up Storage Unit Today!

You have come to the right place, and we will not disappoint you! Remember that you will create your 4-digit gate code on our website. So, as soon as you finish the sign-up process, you'll immediately be able to access your storage unit that very same day. Remember to bring your own lock, as there will be none on your unit. We hope to serve you with excellence and respect. 

Please be assured that you are in good hands! We have upgraded our security equipment, as well as performed high maintenance on all of the trees and land surrounding the storage facility, to ensure no storm damage will affect your units. We also ask that whenever you decide to leave the unit, you would give management a five days’ notice, and that you would take pictures of the emptied and cleaned-out unit and send it to our business number at 918-500-1399. 

Thank you so much for considering Near Me Storage OK today!

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