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24/7 Access to Your Storage Unit

Are you looking for 24-7 access self storage units in the Sapulpa area that is convenient? We know that in this area, there are not many storage facilities to choose from. Perhaps there are not many that are secure and well-maintained. 

You should truly consider Near Me Storage, to serve your Sapulpa area storage needs. Our formal address is 15351 W Hwy 66 Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066. We are located close to Life Gate Freedom Ranch, Branscum Animal Clinic, and The Sacred Herb. We are right by a small strip of homes, and just next to a lot of 6 apartments. 

We proudly serve the Sapulpa, West Tulsa, and Glenpool area. Near Me Storage OK is a small and family-owned business that truly desires to exceed your expectations to provide quality and secure storage. We know that you have other options of which 24-hour self storage units to choose from, and we want to make our case that we can offer you a clean, secure, safe, well-lit, and easy access-and-use storage facility so that you have a wonderful, smooth rental experience.

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Move In Any Time, No Manager Needed

We also have specials right now when you are searching for storage in Sapulpa. When you are looking for 24-Hour self storage units, we have the perfect facility to ensure that you can get in and out of the facility whenever you need to. So, don't worry about what time of the day, or what office hours we are available. 

Another great thing when you are searching for 24 Hour self storage units, is that our management is completely off-site. That means that even during the rental process, you do not have to check what time the office is open so that you can come by. In fact, you do not need to come by at all! We are in the digital age, and we have taken advantage of this for your convenience! 

You simply go online to our website, rent online, and your gate code is activated and you can access your unit immediately. You can also call us at 918-500-1399 if you need additional help with how to maneuver, or how to find the website. So, if you are looking for 24-hour self storage units, just check out our awesome website online!

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Easy & Simple. As It Should Be!

We know that sometimes there is a wide array of options to choose from for your easy-access storage units. We want to show you that we can offer you exceptional service. Our services will be timely and prompt. We will answer you immediately! 

We want to give our tenants and prospective customers friendly and attentive service. We want to provide quality service while providing affordable 24 hour self storage units at our newly renovated facility. We also have a very easy online rental process, which allows you to see all of the units that are available and see the rates right away. You can sign your electronic month-to-month leases online. 

Remember these are month to month, we don't have a set contract for any extended period of time! Along with that, you can make secure online payments at any time through your account on our website.

You do not ever have to come to the storage facility for anything not related to moving in your storage items. Our management is off-site, but we are ready to take care of you! Whether it be a phone call or email, we will help in whatever contact method is easiest for you!


Secure Gate System

You will also notice that we have just installed a new gate code system. This one is efficient, and as soon as you create your four-digit code on our online sign-up process, you can access the facility with that gate code. The gate code box is right in front of the main gate. 

Make sure that you hit “#” after you enter in your gate code. This will ensure that you should have no trouble coming in. And if you do have any trouble coming into the facility, just call 918-500-1399 to be granted immediate access. 

As a new tenant, please take note that even though you can't make phone calls at any time of the late evening or early morning and expect an answer, as a self-accessible facility, we truly still have 24 hour self storage units. Just as long as you have your gate code, you can go in anytime. 

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New Customer Discount Available

We have a special year-round promotion, that you will see whenever you go online for website at www.nearmestorageok.com. This special is the first full month for a dollar. That means we want you to experience the entire month for a dollar! 

So, if you sign up for a storage unit in the middle of a month, whenever you sign up online, you will pay a prorated portion for that month based off of the flat rate for your unit size. Then, at the first of the next month, you will be charged only a dollar. And then at the third month, that's when you will be charged the full rate. 

This is a great opportunity to save money, and also store your belongings somewhere secure, feeling good about the location and the facility and business that you chose! 

Make sure that also in the future, whenever you decide to leave and remove your belongings from the facility, that you clean out your unit and text photos of the clean-out and swept unit to our business number at 918-500-1399. We would also so appreciate at that point in time, if you also filled out an exit survey for us as well! 

WE are always looking to improve our service for our members. This is obviously optional, but the value that it provides us as a local business cannot be expressed enough! It is invaluable. So, if you are interested, remember what we like to tell our tenants and what is expressed on our website: moving is stressful; self-storage shouldn’t be. We truly believe this! 

That is why we make signing up for our 24 hour self storage units as easy and smooth as possible for our fast-paced and busy tenants! We would also love if our tenants that have had a great experience renting from us and using the facility, would leave us a short Google review, as this also means the world to us! As a small and growing business, these brief Google reviews are invaluable as well. 

We really hope you would consider us as your self storage facility in Sapulpa!

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